Questions and Answers

1) When can I expect delivery?  We ship out within 2 weeks.  Our goal is to ship out much sooner. 

2) Will I receive a tracking number?  Absolutely!  It will be sent to the email address provided.

3) What if I decide on a different thread color, shirt color, size, etc?  Catch us as soon as possible.  If we haven't already started on your item, we'll be happy to switch.  Please know we may have already started and it may be too late.

4) The item I'm ordering is a gift.  Do you gift wrap?  We can.  You need to let us know in the notes.  It won't be anything fancy.  We'll wrap in tissue and put a pretty ribbon around your item.  We'll even add a card if you'll let us know.  Give us some details about the card.

5) Do you accept returns or exchanges?  See our page regarding returns or exchanges.

6) If I need to contact you, how do I reach you?  You can text us at 423-785-6331 or email us at

7) Do you do custom orders? Yes.  We do some custom orders.

8) Do you embroidery custom images?  Sometimes.  It greatly depends on the item, the stitch count and the format of the file.  We use a PES format.  If we have to digitize a file, you'll need to send the file in a vector format.  We'll then use a 3rd party to digitize.  The fee for digitization starts at $35. 

9) Do you work with churches and schools?  Yes, we sure do.  We'll need the appropriate tax paperwork to get started.

10) What if the shirt I ordered doesn't fit?  This is discussed in returns and exchanges.  We don't exchange or refund for the wrong size unless it is our mistake.  There is a size chart on every item. Please check out the chart and order accordingly.

11) Do you have an Etsy site?  Yes.  Our Etsy site is established and growing! The address is  

12) Do you offer free shipping for larger orders?  Possibly.  The orders need to be over $200 to qualify for free shipping. 

13) Do you have a mailing list? Yes. At the bottom of our website you can add your email address.

14) Do you have local pick-up? No, sorry.

15) Do you have full stock of every single item, every single color and every single size?  Oh how I wish we could.  Remember we are a small family oriented business.  We are not a brick and mortar store and we are a simple e-commerce site.  We don't just have room for inventory that may or may not sell.  We order as needed.  I usually take 2 or 3 days to get the item ordered.  It takes another day (and often that same day) to monogram and ship out.  All in all, I'd say that's pretty fast, wouldn't you?  At Christmas time (August - end of December), yeah, we start early, it may take a few days longer.

16) What happens if you don't have the item I ordered available?  Please, please make sure your information (phone number & email address) is correct.  We'll contact you either via text or email. 

17) Have more questions?  Contact us!  We'll throw your question here on this page just in case someone else may have the same question.  We'll also contact you back. Our communication is top-notch!

Remember, we are a small business.  We are not a global, world business.  By supporting our business, you're feeding a family, you're helping our kids thru college, you're making a difference.  Still, just don't support our small businesses, but support all small businesses where possible.  We sure do appreciate you!  God bless!