About Us

Stitchings By Ellen is a small shop that specializes in giving each customer a personal touch thru monogramming and gift selection.  It is a family owned business that thrives on quality of products, realistic prices, family values and our faith. We love the idea that you are actually reading about us because we want you to know that we value your business!  contacting us. 

How did we get started?  That's a loaded question!  We started out with a hobby embroidery machine.  It just kind've grew from that point.  We now have different multiple pieces of professional machines, printers and cutters.  My how we've grown.  Lots of research and lots of faith.

What are our hours of operation?  Seldom do we work on Sunday, unless it's answering questions.  From August until end December, we work up to 14 hours a day.  Yes, we're a little shop, but we're a busy shop!  You can always reach us by text!

What is our goal? It started out as Stitchings By Ellen, but eventually, I would like to change the name.  Stitchings By Ellen is so much more than embroidery.  We do sublimation, vinyl and embroidery.  We turn those "crafts" into personalized items and gifts.  We want to be known for quality, realistic prices, family values and our faith (as listed above). We have recently added faith-based t-shirts to our collection.  If you have ideas, we would love to hear from you!  

How can you reach us?  It's simple!  You can email us at Stitchings@ymail.com or text us at 423.785.6331.