1) What if I want to order several different colored robes with different color embroidery threads and different monogram styles?

Just simple fill out the order form for each robe.  Be sure to use the correct monogram.  Example:  Mary Ellen Smith would be mSe.

2) What if I need the robes as soon as humanly possible?
Just give me a deadline. Most always I can meet that deadline and if not, I’ll let you know immediately.  To be safe, feel free to contact me prior to ordering.  You can use the contact form, email or call.

3) My order is a gift. Can you enclose a gift card?
Yes, I’ll be happy to enclose a gift card for no extra fee. It will be a simple handwritten note as you direct.

4) Can I have my order shipped to a different address?
Yes, I’ll be more than happy to ship to a different address.  I’ll ship to the exact address that you enter on the form.

5) Do you have child size robes?
Yes, and no. I can get a child sized robe from the distributor. I don’t carry them in stock because I just don’t sell them as much as the adult robes.

6) Do you take returns?
I would love to be able to take returns, but once something has a monogram, it’s very difficult for me to re-sale. The only time I offer a refund, exchange or return is if I make a mistake. For this reason, please, please be sure you give me the correct format of the monogram.  Please use the example:  Mary Ellen Smith = mSe.

7) How do I know if I order the right size robe?
Look at the sizing chart and pick the appropriate size. The size chart is located on the robe page.

8) Can I have my name instead of a monogram?
Absolutely!  There is a maximum of 7 letters.  There are two fonts to choose from.

9) Will the threads from the the embroidery be itchy on the inside?
No. I use a very, very thing but so soft fabric on the inside over the embroidery stitches so that you’ll never even notice the embroidery.  I don’t use the soft fabric on non clothing items or caps.

10) Do you have an Etsy page?

Yes, I actually have 2 Etsy pages.  The oldest is Stitchings By Ellen which has pretty much everything that I do.  The other is Monogram Nest which only has robes and caps.  Here are the addresses:  http://www.Etsy.com/shop/StitchingsByEllen and http://www.Etsy.com/shop/MonogramNest

11) Do you have a Facebook page?
Yes. http://www.facebook.com/stitchingsbyellen

12) How can I ask you other questions?
Always.  Simple use the contact form on the main menu bar or email me.

13) What if I accidentally left off information on my order?
Don’t worry about it. I review the orders either right when I see them or before I start working on them. If I have a question, I’ll contact you! Please be sure to check your messages, emails or phone voice mail often.  Not checking will slow the progress of delivery.

14) Do you do business with groups such as schools, businesses, clubs or churches?

Yes, and you can find items on my regular website or go to http://www.companycasuals.com/StitchingsByEllen

15) What is your average turn-around time?

It depends.  If I’m crazy busy, it may be 2 weeks.  If I’m not that busy and things are going just right it could be that I mail your item the same day it’s ordered.  For safe net, please allow 2 weeks.

16) Do you do outside work?  Could I drop something off?

Only if you’re local to the my area.  My minimum fee is $12 for either a monogram or word.

17) Are the burlap garden flags really weather-proof?

With each flag that is shipped, there are instructions on how to care for the flag.  One important instruction is to “Scotch-Guard” the flag.  If you Scotch-Guard the flag it will last longer in the outdoor elements.  I’m not sure what type of weather you have in your area, so I can’t answer that question.  Scotch-Guard will help preserve.

18) Can you embroider my business logo?

Absolutely.  However, I need the logo in a PES format or I will need to have the logo digitized.  I use a very reputable digitizer, but there is an added fee of $25.  Because you paid the $25, I will email that digitized file back to you once I’m finished with your project.

19) What is the most popular thread color and what kind of thread do you use?

Right now, the most popular color is teal.  Tomorrow, it could be a totally different color.  I use 40wt polyester thread.

20) What if I don’t see a thread color that matches the color I need?

I have tons of thread colors and not all those colors are listed in my thread chart.  Rather than send me the color of thread, send me the Pantone color.  The colors on your screen may not match the colors on my screen.  So giving me the Pantone color will allow me to get the perfect match.

21) Do you take checks?

No, sorry, I don’t take personal checks.  I take PayPal and all major credit cards.

22)  How will my order be shipped to me?

Most items are shipped USPS Priority Mail.  Larger items (such as multiple robes, caps, shirts, etc.) will be shipped FedEx or UPS.

23)  Can you ship to P.O. Boxes?

Unfortunately, no.  If you have a P.O. Box or State Road address, please provide us with a different address for shipping.  This will ensure that your package arrives promptly.

24) I just received my order and the monogram is wrong!  What should I do?

Sadly, mistakes do occur. Go back and check the submitted order.  Make sure the monogram is typed exactly the way your wanted.  If the monogram is wrong and it’s our fault, we will gladly replace it.  Just contact us using the contact link at the top of the menu bar.

25) Is your payment site secure?

Stitchings By Ellen payment information entered online is through Stripe.  Stripe is a secure credit card handler.  Your credit card is never seen or stored by anyone.  Any payment information will not be sold or released to any third party establishments.

26) Can I change my order?

Well, that’s a loaded question!  Contact us immediately.  Please know that once your project/order has been submitted, it may be difficult to change or we may be limited on what we can change.

27) Can I purchase something without a monogram?

Yes, use XXX for the monogram. Some items will have the option “No embroidery”, but if not use XXX.

I think I’ve covered everything. Please feel free to contact me with questions that I didn’t cover here. I want this purchase to be a smooth transaction.