• Blakley
You’re here!  We’re so glad you stopped by Stitchings By Ellen and hope that you’ll find exactly what you want.

 Why should you purchase from us?

1) Quality – You’ll see and notice the quality in our products.  Our quality is top-notch.  We have years of experience. You’ll see the difference!

2) Price – Our prices are competitive.  We’re a simple e-commerce shop which means the overhead is low.  We can pass those savings to you!  And… monograms or names are included in the price.  Find a better price, let us know!  There are no hidden fees.  Just shipping and taxes where applicable.

3) Personal Touch – We’ll contact you if we get the vibe something is not quite right.  Such as:  we’ve got a hunch the monogram isn’t right or the color thread you picked looks odd (maybe it clashes?).  Now how many businesses will actually reach out to you?  We want you to be pleased!

So, with all that said, just sit back, grab a snack and shop around!